The Freebie Tracker Spreadsheet

By Leslie Samuel | Blogging

Dec 03

I finally decided to do it. So many people have asked for it that I decided to give it away FREE OF CHARGE. You probably already heard about my IFW Tracker Spreadsheet. Well, there is an IFW Tracker PRO that I only gave away to people who have gone green on 6 sites for me. Well, I've decided to give it to you FREE just for being a part of my list.

I've renamed it as The Freebie Tracker and it basically tracks EVERY aspect of your Freebie Business and even gives you a Monthly report, both as a chart AND as a Graph. Yes, it even tracks your Paypal Fees.

So how do you get it?

Simply subscribe to my RSS feed and you will get the download link.. I hope it helps you be even more successful in the freebie industry as it has helped others.