How To Change The World With Your Blog – With Pace Smith *Video

By Leslie Samuel | Blogging

Jun 22

Anytime someone talks about concepts like “Changing The World”, I start getting excited. I LOVE IT when people THINK BIG.

Why? Because I believe that each and every one of us has the potential of doing BIG THINGS.

So, at Blogworld, I got Pace Smith from Connection Revolution to talk about just that – How BLOGGERS (you and I) can use our blogs to change the world.

She gives 3 solid tips that I highly endorse. Do these and your blog will have more of an impact.


Transcript of This Video

(Some people like to be able to read a transcript while watching the videos, or just read the transcript without even listening. If you are one of those people, not to worry – We’ve made the transcript available for you below.)

LESLIE: Hey, this is Leslie Samuel, again from coming to you, not live, but well, we're alive, right?

PACE: We are alive!

LESLIE: We are alive.

PACE: And filled with a joy.

LESLIE: Oh yes! From Blog World and New Media Expo in New York City. I'm here with Pace Smith from How are you doing?

PACE: I'm doing great, Leslie. How are you?

LESLIE: I am doing very well. You told me what your blog was about, and I got instantly excited. What is your blog about?

PACE: We help dreamers blossom into world changers.

LESLIE: Oh! So, using your blog, using whatever you're doing online…

PACE & LESLIE: …To change the world.

Three Tips to Help Change The World With Your Blog

LESLIE: Awesome, I love it. And you guys, who follow me know that I love that. Anytime you talk about changing the world, I'm all over it. So, my question for you is very simple: What are three ways that bloggers can change the world?

Tip #1: Be Meaningful

PACE: Right, for your blog to change the world, you need to spread ideas, and there are three key qualities that your idea needs to have if it's going to change the world.

Number one, it needs to be meaningful. So, if you have an idea about making rice blue, like who cares? No one is really going to care about that, and that's not the kind of idea that's going to catch and change the world.

LESLIE: Although, making rice blue is kind of cool.

PACE: It's kind of cool, so it could be a fad, but it's not going to be a world changing idea.

LESLIE: Okay, meaningful.

Tip #2: Make it ‘Sticky'

PACE: Right. So, it's going to be meaningful to you, and meaningful to others. Tip number two is it's got to be sticky. You've got to present your idea in a way that's going to catch people's attention, in a way that's going to be memorable. So then, your blog readers will take that idea and share it with others so that it can go viral.

LESLIE: Can you give me an example of maybe someone that has done that, or a situation where that's been done, and what the effects has been?

PACE: Sure. An example of this, the book that has inspired me to use the word “sticky” is Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. That book is an example of a very sticky book. I can almost recite the entire book from memory. And so, right now, today, I'm talking about the book, Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath because I remember it so well. If someone had presented those exact same ideas about how to make your ideas sticky and memorable, but they'd done it in a dry academic text and just like made a long, long list then, I wouldn't have remembered that.

This is simple things like catchy headlines, sub-headers… It's marketing, but you're not necessarily selling anything. You're just selling an idea in trying to get people to remember it.

LESLIE: Awesome. Okay so, that's point number two. And, number three?

Tip #3: Be Authentic.

PACE: Number three is authentic because there are a lot of sleazebags out there around on the Internet, sad to say.

LESLIE: Yes, we know that.

PACE: And, people are becoming very skeptical. So, if you want your world changing idea to actually gain traction, then, you need to make sure that you are whole-hearted about it. You don't need to blog about what you had for breakfast, or talk about your personal life, but, when you do put something of yourself out there, you need to make sure that it's really authentically you.

LESLIE: Awesome. So, number one, it needs to be meaningful. Number two, it needs to be sticky, and number three, it needs to be authentic. Guys, take that to heart and as you produce your content, make sure you include those three elements. Pace, thank you so much for doing this with me. If people want to check you out, they can go to

Anywhere else?

PACE: Hyphen

LESLIE: Hyphen

PACE: You got to have a little dash.

LESLIE: You got to have the little dash in there. Thank you so much! It's been great meeting you. All right. This is Leslie Samuel from, until next time, take care and God bless!