How To Find Your Perfect Niche – With Adam Baker *Video

By Leslie Samuel | Blogging

Jun 20

I was privileged to do a series of interviews with Awesome Bloggers at Blog World and New Media Expo in New York a few weeks ago. One of the interviews was with Adam Baker of Man Vs Debt.

This was not the first interview I did, but because of the foundational nature of the content he covered, I decided this to make this the first one in this series. In the interview, Adam shares some valuable tips on how to find your Perfect Niche. Enjoy!

Transcript of This Video

Some people like to be able to read a transcript while watching the videos, or just read the transcript without even listening. If you are one of those people, not to worry – We’ve made the transcript available for you below.

LESLIE: Hey, this is Leslie Samuel from coming to you again with another quick interview. I'm here with none other than Adam Baker. Adam, how are you doing?

ADAM: I'm doing great, man.

LESLIE: Awesome, awesome. From I have a question for you. Yesterday, you did a panel about selecting your niche. There's somebody that's listening to this right now that they're not exactly sure what they want to blog about, specifically bloggers. They want to get out there. They want to do something, but they are not sure what to do.

What are the three tips that you can give me to help that person find that niche, the perfect niche for them?

Tip #1: Understand What A Business Is

ADAM: Yes. I'd say, the first tip I would give would be to understand what a business is. That's what I talked about a little bit in the talk. Then, your business is actually a solution that you provide to a specific emotional problem. You have to stay center there.

I know when I got started, I was willy-nilly. I was all over the place because I didn't understand that my job for my readers was to help solve their problem. Start with that as the mindset. We play that mindset is step number one game, and start with that mindset that I'm going out to solve a specific problem.

Tip #2 (a, b, and c): Find Your Sweet Spot

Now, when you go to do that, I like to say, find your sweet spot. The sweet spot is the convergence of what you're good at. Brainstorm, and list the things that you're good at– the strengths.

What you're passionate about, because sometimes, those don't overlap. We can be good at things we're not passionate about, or vice versa.

LESLIE: Definitely.

ADAM: List out what you're passionate about, and then, what people would pay for. That may be hard when you're getting started but, you can look around and ask yourself, “What do you pay for? What do my friends pay for? What do other people pay for,” by checking out big marketplaces, and you list out what people are going to pay for that are also things that you're good at and things that you are passionate about.

You converge those three things into your sweet spot, and that's how I try to help people that are getting started, find out what they should be blogging about in particular.

LESLIE: You encourage them to actually go through that step of writing it down, “These are the things that I'm good at. This is what I'm passionate about. This is what people would pay for,” and when you have all of those three that overlap, that is like the sweet spot.

ADAM: Exactly. That's what I'm saying. You need to commit it to paper. Oftentimes, as entrepreneurs, we can sit there, and think about and daydream, and drift off, but when you actually start committing stuff to paper, and you start to see, “Where is the overlap? What's that sweet spot?” Again, it's got to be a solution that you can provide to someone's problem.

Don't just blog about yourself only, unless blogging about yourself is going to help solve a problem. Keep your focus around that. Brainstorm those different activities, and see where your sweet spot is. That's my tip.

LESLIE: Sounds good. Now, the second tip that you gave, it seemed like you had three tips in there.

ADAM: Yes, it was like, I think it was four. I think it was like “1,” and then, “2” “a” “b” and “c.”

LESLIE: All right.

ADAM: I gave you a bonus tip.

LESLIE: That sounds good. You got a bonus just for listening in here to what we're doing at Blog World New Media Expo in New York City. All right, this is Adam Baker from Man Vs Debt.

If someone wants to get in contact with you, or see what you're doing, is that the best place to send them?

ADAM: Sure, yes. Man Vs Debt, Baker at Man Vs Debt, or @AdamCBaker on Twitter.

LESLIE: All right. Check him out. Hey guys, this is Leslie Samuel from Until next time, take care and God bless.