053 Forget Keyword Research, Bring on the Personal Branding! – With John Kowalski

By Leslie Samuel | Blogging

Dec 01

Who: John Kowalski
Website: www.babacita.com

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Evolve. Connect. Inspire.

These are the three core elements in John Kowalski’s consulting company that define and strengthen his business online, which you can find at Babacita.com. After 12 years, he says that by determining this, he has been able to strengthen the message that he would like to convey to his audience.

Consistency is important and with his work aligned with these core values, strengthening his messages to his readers has been a success.

Today he talks to us about how he went through his personal journey of searching for the key assets in himself as John Kowalski – the journey he took in discovering his own personal brand by determining these three core values.

He shares to us the tools that helped him to get to them and how he decided on what they were.

JohnKowalskiHere are other things that John shared with me during the interview – things that contributed in building the foundation for Babacita and for its success.

  • Techniques used in searching for one’s core values.
  • Why consistency is critical for personal branding.
  • How he used mind mapping as part of his strategy.
  • Defining his core values: “Evolve. Connect. Inspire”
  • How to be successful with “Personal Branding

Resources Mentioned

  • Babacita — John Kowalski's website.
  • Wordle — Create a Word Cloud – an interesting resource used by John Kowalski in his self-evaluation process.
  • Evolve. Connect. Inspire. — The core values of John Kowalski's consulting company.
  • WorldBlu — Helps John Kowalski's business to grow.
  • PeaceWalker Project — Where John is a Certified Level 1 Instructor offering seminars focused on conflict resolution and conflict management.
  • John's “Reinventing” post — Where he talked about the changes he was starting to go through