052 Promote Interaction, Build a list and Produce Awesome Content * Reality Series

By Leslie Samuel | Blogging

Nov 29

If you remember, Terri Fivash, best-selling author for Joseph: A Story, is a part of my Reality Internet Marketing series. I started our coaching call about two months ago, and basically, we’ve looked at her website and gave her some ideas on how to make it look better.

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Two months later, here I am again with her looking at how things are going for her. She’s got a self-hosted website now and has a more appealing blog for her readers and followers. Her website looks pretty professional, and as how I describe it in the interview, when you go to her site, you’ll feel welcomed. It’s got an interesting theme too. And what’s even better is it already has some awesome comments and feedback left by her readers.

She’s done a lot of work so far and she’s done really well. To make it even better, I left her some tips to get more interaction from her readers.

Other things we talked about:

  • How Terri moved to a self-hosted blog.
  • Responding to comments
  • Terri’s aim for her blog.
  • How to decide on her domain name.
  • Terri’s next steps.

Resources Mentioned in This episode

You might want to check her website before listening to the podcast. You'll see just how much work she's already done for it, and see all the wonderful comments that her followers have left there. Hopefully, she gets to add more content in the future too, more high-quality content that would invite her readers to check her site every now and then. That is basically her current goal – to put up more informational pages in a more accessible way.