044 Freaking out about creating an eBook? Just Do It! *Reality Series

By Leslie Samuel | Business Building

Oct 25

Have you ever created an eBook?

Forget that – Have you ever FREAKED OUT about creating an eBook?

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This episode will inspire you to take action to create a resource that you can give to your subscribers, helping you to grow your mailinglist.

The concept is simple, if you have something of value to give away, you increase the likelihood that your visitors will opt in to your list.

In this episode, I talk with Rochelle Hanson about the struggles she had in putting her eBook together and how she overcame them. It's an inspiration to see what Rochelle has done, and what the immediate effects of this process has been.

She went from not being able to decide on a topic to producing a high quality eBook that's honestly one of the best looking eBooks I've seen (and I'm not just saying that because we're friends). Take a look at the following screenshots and you'll see what I mean:

See what I mean?

Get-Love-book-cover_white_rochells hansonIn this episode, we went through the following:

  • Why it was so difficult for Rochelle to decide on a topic
  • How she ended up deciding on a direction to go
  • How she was able to do it so quickly after making a decision
  • The help that she got to make it AWESOME
  • What she plans on producing next to take her blogging to the next level
  • How having an eBook made her subscriber count jump overnight

I also talk about different options for creating something of value. It's not all about eBooks. There are many ways that you can create a resource of value to help grow your list, and I want you to be aware of them, and to be able to take action.

If you need some inspiration to help you take your online business to the next level, it's all in here.

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