040 My new formula for building a list that loves me

By Leslie Samuel | List Building

Oct 11

Today's episode deals with list building – one of the most important aspects of your internet marketing efforts (well – it should be).

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Before I go into the content, I share some exciting news about a project I'm working on that's almost finished. It's the biggest thing I've done online to date.

Then, I take a question from John from AskJohnEnglish.com. His question was:

How do you go about segmenting your list based on what actions they take? (paraphrased).


Building a list that loves me

In response to his question, I talk about how to use the automation rules in Aweber. This is a process that can help you optimize your business and make more sales.

Then I talk about the steps I've taken and am currently taking to increase the value I provide to my subscribers. Some of them are:

  • I deleted most of my subscribers (I know, crazy. right?)
  • Providing more value
  • Listening to YOU more
In the last section, I talk about how you can grow your list by delivering value. I talk about the steps you need to take.
I also mention the WP Subscribers plugin. It's a plugin that I installed recently that really allows me to grow my list faster than ever before.
Go ahead and read my Review of WP Subscribers.

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So what do you think? Was I crazy to delete most of my list? Let me know your feelings below!
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