036 Getting Out of the Inbox and Building an Inspired, Successful Business – Interview with Erica Douglass

By Leslie Samuel | Interviews

Sep 22

 Who: Erica Douglass
Website: Erica.biz

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Talk about inspiration! Erica started a web hosting company and sold it at the age of 26 for $1.1 Million dollars (Yeah, I said Million).

Now she blogs about the lessons she has learned, and what she is currently doing to grow her business.

However, at the start of the interview, we started talking about a “no email trial” she did. Email is becoming more and more of a headache for many internet marketers (including myself) and Erica decided to go without for 30 days, which grew to 60 days.

Interview with Erica Douglass

Erica shares how the trial went, and what she did in order for her business to continue to grow even while being pretty much away from her inbox.

She then talks about the lessons she learned and mistakes she made while building her web hosting company, while giving insight into how to avoid making the same mistakes she did.

We also talk a little about her struggle with Celiac disease, her goals for the future, how she plans on meeting those goals, and how she is trying to  make the world a better place.

Go ahead and listen to the interview. You won't regret it. Make sure to sign up for her “Blog Success Manifesto“, and stay tuned for the launch of her new product “Step by step business“, where she will teach you how to start a business from scratch regardless of your level of experience.

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