035 How to Narrow Down the Topic of Your eBook for Greatest Impact – Coaching Call with Rochelle

By Leslie Samuel | Interviews

Sep 20

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This is the second in the Reality Internet Marketing series, I do a coaching call with Rochelle Hanson from Simply Natural Ideas – a blog that gives practical tips for natural health & wellness.

We start off by talking about how Rochelle got to where she is today with her blogs, what her plans are and why she blogs?

She set up her blog will going through my 7 day bootcamp and has been thoroughly enjoying the process of building her blog.

Coaching call with Rochelle

In this first episode, Rochelle talks about an eBook she has been trying to write but hasn't been able to finish as yet. So we talk about how she can narrow down the topic of her eBook to be able to accomplish more, solve a specific problem for those who read it, make it actionable, and use it to grow her list.

Often times, we get delayed because of lack of clarity, so I wanted to address this with her so that by our next coaching call, she'll be able to say that she has that eBook finished.

By the next episode, Rochelle's task is to have her eBook completed and ready to move on. The great thing about it is that by her doing this coaching call and having me post it on my blog as a part of my podcast, she gets all of us to check out what she's doing and to hold her accountable. Talk about pressure 🙂

I'm excited about this series and about the rest of the coaching calls. The next coaching call is actually a coaching call with an author of a book that I've read – one that I loved so much that I had to take a copy of it home to St. Maarten for my mother to read. So stay tuned . . .

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