034 How to Start an Online Business from Absolutely Nothing – interview with Greg Hartle

By Leslie Samuel | Interviews

Sep 15

I've done a number of interviews in the past, and I can say that this one is TRULY a one of a kind. Let me ask you this…

What would you do if you had to start over from scratch? No place to live, no car, no connections, no resources – NOTHING but $10 and a laptop!

What would you eat? Where would you sleep? How much would you whine about the circumstances you found yourself in?

Some people ponder those kinds of questions.

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Greg Hartle, creator of Ten Dollars and a Laptop said that he won't tell you what he'd do. He'll SHOW YOU (talk about taking action).

Greg sold everything he owns and started from basically nothing. To be more specific, he started with 10 dollars and a laptop, with the goal of building the life of his dreams and document the entire experience online. The good, bad, and ugly.

interview with Greg Hartle

He is traveling across the entire United states and interviewing 500 individuals who are building the life of his dreams and his goal is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs who want to succeed in life.If you are looking for inspiration . . . Listen to this interview!

If you are going through hard times . . . Listen to this interview!

If you are struggling to build an online business . . . Listen to this interview!

If you are (fill in the blanks) . . . Listen to this interview!

Why? Because Greg not only talks about what he's gone through, but he gives advice for anyone who is dealing with difficult situations right now. When I think about the way the economy is today, the advice he gives is more relevant today than ever.

Some of the questions I ask Greg are the following:

  • What is the most exciting thing happening in his life right now?
  • Why did he start this $10 and a laptop “experiment”?
  • What is he trying to accomplish?
  • How did he get started with his online business?
  • How did he get traffic?
  • What would you say to someone who has lost it all and is starting over from scratch?

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