027 How to Grow Your Business While Having a Full-Time Job

By Leslie Samuel | Podcasts

Jul 26

This is the last episode I'm recording from where I used to live. As I've already said in detail, I've left my former job, and my wife and I are moving to a new location. I'm excited, but that's not what the episode is about 🙂

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This episode is fully devoted to answer 2 questions that were left on the hotline by John from AskJohnEnglish.com. His 2nd question was so good that I decided not to just answer it at the beginning of the podcast. His 2 questions were:

  1. What do I think about plugins like WP Total Cache that claim to increase the speed of loading your blog?
  2. How in the world do I manage to get so much done online, while having a full-time job? He wanted me to give an idea of how I spend an average day.

So, in my answers to his questions, you will learn . . .

Part 1

  • What Cache is.
  • How Caching increases the speed of your site.
  • What Cache plugins (like W3 Total Cache) do.

Part 2

  • How to decide on what needs to be done in your business
  • What to do with everything else
  • How can your increase your productivity using the art of Batching
  • How I schedule my Week to be able to be productive with all of my online efforts
  • What my daily schedule is like and how it helps me to get more done online
  • How I schedule my summer to accomplish HUGE Goals.

Resources Mentioned:

In the podcast, I talk about the projects that I'm working on online, so I figure I'd leave links to all of them for you to check it (if you're interested).

  • Learning With Leslie – This website, where I run this podcast, teaching Online Business, internet marketing and all things internetty (if that's a word)
  • 7 Day Bootcamp – My Internet Marketing Training Course
  • Interactive Biology – My Biology Website, which is the main thing I'm working on to help people in Biology.
  • Entrepreneurs Journey – Yaro Starak's Business blog, where I'm featured as a columnist
  • Adonai Music – My Music Ministry Website
  • Other secret project that I won't be linking to 😉