026 How to Use Guest Posts to Drive a Ton of Traffic

By Leslie Samuel | Podcasts

Jul 19

In the last episode, I spoke about How to get Joint Venture Partners to send you a bunch of traffic. While talking about that, I spoke a little about Guest Posting.

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In today's episode, I wanted to dig a little deeper into guest posting. This is something I'm very much involved with. Why? Because you can leverage the success of other blogs to drive traffic to your own blog. Not only that, but it can also help your blog climb in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Since I started guest posting regularly, my Pagerank (PR) in Google has increased significantly, and now I have a PR of 4 on this site and my Biology Website.


How to use Guest Posts to drive a ton of traffic

Here's the problem – Most people go about landing guest posting gigs in the wrong way, and when they get a guest posting gig, they don't optimize their posts to benefit their blog as much as possible.

That's what I address in this episode. I walk you through the process of getting, writing, and optimizing your guest posting campaigns to give you maximum success. Doing this can make the world of difference in your Internet Marketing efforts, so make sure to pay close attention.

This is my shortest episode so far, so you'll get a lot of value in a short period of time 🙂

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