023 How to Use Facebook Effectively to Grow your Online Brand

By Leslie Samuel | Podcasts

Jun 28

Facebook is a major player online today. In the episode I mentioned that there are currently over 600 Million users on Facebook. That number is actually closer to 700 Million.

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This is where people today are spending most of their time online. Since that's the case, if you are into internet marketing, you want to use Facebook.

In today's episode, I give strategies for how to effectively use Facebook to Grow your online Brand.

What's Going On

Tumblr has more blogs than WordPress.com – 20.8 Million vs 20.7 Million. WordPress has been around for 8 years, and Tumblr has been around for only 4 years.

This is a significant accomplishment for Tumblr, and my recommendation is to keep your eye on them. Read This Article for more info.

Now, lets get into using Facebook Effectively. Here are some of the things I'm learning that I'd like to share with you.

Don't use a regular Facebook account for your business. Use a Facebook Fanpage instead. It allows you to do much more to grow your brand.

Do NOT use a Facebook group unless your main purpose is to share things within your team. Groups allow members of a group to connect with each other. Fan pages are for organizations, business, public figures, musicians to connect with fans.

What's the difference between a Facebook fan page and a group?

  • Groups allow you to send Mass Messages, impose Membership restriction and do Inbox Messaging
  • Pages have many of the features of regular accounts. When you post to your page, it shows up in your fans' news streams. You can use Facebook Apps, can track Engagement metrics, and can get vanity urls if you have more than 40 fans.

How to get people to Like Your Page

  • Give them a reason. Use the Fanpage Generator to generate a landing page that will make people want to click like.
  • Add a Like box to your website.
  • Use Facebook Ads (however, this costs money).

Tips for how to encourage engagement on your Facebook Fanpage

  • Fill in all of your info and have a good, relevant Fan Page Photo
  • Post consistently. My recommendation is for you to post every single day
  • Don't share a bunch of links. People come to Facebook to engage with people, not to be spammed with a bunch of links. If you share links, do so wisely.
  • Interact with your fans. It's all about interaction. When you interact, people get to know you better and become more comfortable with your brand.
  • Make posts that encourage your fans to interact. Posts that say things like “Click Like if . . .” “Fill in the blank . . .”

I started using the above-mentioned tips, and it has increased my fan page engagement significantly. If you implement them, it should help you to encourage engagement, and grow your online brand using the social-networking beast – Facebook.

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