018 Five Tips for getting a lot of traffic from Youtube!

By Leslie Samuel | Podcasts

Apr 26

GREETINGS FROM COLOMBIA! Hope all is well with you guys.

Today's episode covers a very interesting topic – getting traffic from Youtube.

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It's something I've been dabbling in for my Biology Website and I've been able to get a significant amount of traffic from there.

The thing is – the traffic is increasing constantly, which is ALWAYS a great thing.

Before I get into all of that, I answer a question that came in from Tai, from TraveltoStlucia.com. Her question was basically asking about the Wibiya toolbar and the Twitter Follow Badge I recently added to my site.

Here are the benefits I mentioned about including these two features:

  • They promote interaction between my subscribers and I
  • They make it easier for my subscribers to connect with me via social media sites
  • It gives my subscribers a way to share my content, which hopefully results in more traffic, and more traffic is the name of the Game.

Then I give 5 Tips for getting a lot of traffic from Youtube. Here are the tips:

  • Make videos Regularly
  • Include your URL in your description
  • Link your videos to each other with Annotations
  • Respond to comments regularly
  • Thank Your Subscribers.

Check out my Youtube Channel for my Biology Site to see how I've implemented those 5 steps.

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