006 How Mitch turned his passion for Football into a MASSIVE Online Business

By Leslie Samuel | Interviews

Mar 10

In this Episode of Learning with Leslie, I interview Mitch Wilson from SportsChatPlace.com.

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Mitch is a friend that I went through Yaro's Blog Mastermind training program with me, and that's how I got to know him. From the first day I met him, I could tell he was a Mover and Shaker.

He took his passion for Football and turned it into a Massive Online Business using the concept of delivering a ton of value using a blog.

In this interview, Mitch talks about the importance of producing high quality content on a regular basis.

Mitch has grown his website to where he has quit his job to blog full time, and he receives thousands of people visiting his site EVERY SINGLE DAY, and makes a killing! However, don't think that it has been an easy ride.

Mitch Wilson

Listen to this interview to see how much work he put in to reach where he is today.

If you are looking for inspiration, and actionable content, this is the one.

He also gives the details of what steps he took in order to grow his website traffic and start making money. If you want to see how passionate Mitch is about his topic, check out one of his videos from his site:

You want to listen to this one, because it's packed with value. Also, let me know what you think about it in the comments below and by calling the hotline at (888) 835 – 2414.

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