Popup Domination Review – How I increased my conversions by 568% overnight

By Leslie Samuel | Business Building

Nov 18

Popup Domination is a plugin that I installed to my website that had a drastic effect on my conversions. My opt ins increased significantly overnight. Watch the following video for a detailed review and video walkthrough of Popup domination.

We all know that one of the most important aspects of internet marketing is building a list. Popup domination takes that concept and builds on it to make it a much faster process.

When I started my Biology Website, I knew that I needed to work on building a list from the beginning. I eventually decided to give away free biology powerpoints to entice my website visitors to sign up for my mailing list. My list started growing by a handful of new subscribers every week and I was relatively satisfied for the amount of effort I was putting in.

On September 18th, I installed Popup Domination on my website, and my conversions increased by 568% when I compare the 6 week prior to installing with the 6 week after installing Popup Domination.

Popup Domination

Increased conversions on my Biology Website

If you are an internet marketer in ANY way, I HIGHLY recommend Popup domination, because it's probably the product that will make the biggest difference in your conversions.

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