4 Tips for Improving Your Visibility

By Allan Dubon | Blogging

Sep 02

I had just hit publish on my 7th blog post. My mom thinks my site is great, so does my brother and a couple of friends.

Now what?

Am I stuck just writing for the five people that think I'm great anyway? I sure hope not!

10_4 tips for Increasing VisibilityPosting three times a week, at this point I was just over two weeks as a blogger and I felt like a farce.

I definitely had a lot of valuable information to share, but didn't have the audience to share it with.

Let's walk through FOUR of the things I did to help increase my blog readership.

#1: I became less focused on myself.

Originally, I kept worrying on how I could increase
 the number of readers
, how I could put myself in front of more people, and how I could get my name recognized.

Although I had great intentions, I was too focused on myself to be of use to anybody!

So I decided to stop worrying about ME and start focusing on YOU!! Just making this small change made such an impact on my blog readership.
listentomePeople could sense I was a lot more genuine when I was writing. I was giving them the very best of me.

As soon as I turned the focus from me to you, it was like turning on a light switch. I began to write for one person…YOU!

I know via my analytics that many people will read my blog posts, but by virtue of changing my focus I understand that I am affecting change in your life.

As an individual, you will gain something different that the next person that reads this. So I now tailor my message to just you. I worry solely about the single reader and what these articles can do for you.

#2: Don't try to be everywhere.

Wait isn't there a philosophy out there that says be everywhere?
Yes, yes there is! Personally, I am way too busy to focus on being everywhere.

Like most of you, aside from building my blog and business, I also have a full time job and a family that requires my time. That being said, I have to be very intentional about where I focus my efforts.
everywherenowhereWhen I tried to be everywhere and available all the time, it consumed all of my time. My wife wasn't happy, my kids thought the computer was my new wife and I wasn't being productive anywhere else in my life.

These are just a few of the thing that happened to me when I tried the be everywhere strategy.

So now I focus on the things that bring the greatest return. For me that is Facebook, 48days.net forum, guest posting, and twitter.

These are the things where I get the most exposure and it allows me to help and reach a lot of people. I recommend focusing on the places that are the most fruitful for you and are the most comfortable.

You can find out where you get the most interaction and make that your top priority. Your top places online don't need to look like mine to be recognized. YOUR audience will dictate where they want to see you by way of how and where they interact with you.

#3: Give it away!

Yes I just said that! There is a quote by giveitawaySteve Martin that goes: Be so good they can't ignore you.

Well I have modified that to say, “Give so much they can't ignore you.”

I also love a great article written by Sutton Parks called

“Advice From the Red Hot Chili Peppers…..”
which has a great song embedded in the post!

I realize that a lot of us that are creating a blog have hopes of having a product or service that we can sell and hopefully convert this into our full time business.

So why would I say to give it away?

We have a few good examples of people whoLearning With Leslie follow this model all the way to success.
Our very own Leslie Samuel.

He is the mastermind behind BecomeaBlogger.com as well as a high level academic biology blog.

He is responsible for giving away so much information. Yet he makes a good income from these services.

Dan Miller from 48days.com is someone who gives so freely via his podcast, blog, and business community.

Dan write various books and has amazing conferences that teach you the very same things which he share with everyone so freely.

He makes a hefty amount of money by doing all of these things. Yet he gives away 90% or more of his information.

To wrap up our examples we have Dave Ramsey. He is known as the go to guy for practical financial advice. He is on the radio, has a podcast, has a blog, and makes television appearances all of which allow us to gain free information. Yet, this guy is a millionaire many times over.

#4: Have a game plan.

There are many ways to label this step. Some people call it gameplan“The Secret” where you tell the universe what you want and magically it will appear. Some people call it planning, focused intensity, etc. etc.

No matter what you decide to call it, having a plan of action and following up on that plan is the only way to success.

Just randomly using social media will not bring you the desired success you are looking for. There is a lot of hard work in having a blog and building a brand.

If you take a look at John Lee Dumas of EntrepreneurOnFire.com, you will see that he has a podcast episode come out everyday! Many people wonder how he does it.

If you listen to him for a while he will tell you, he has set times for certain activities. Mondays are his interview days where he knocks out 6-8 interviews that day.

His dedication to his plan is what have catapulted him to success.

John has been podcasting for about a year now and he is seen as one of the top podcasters in his niche. He has taken his game plan, put it out there, called himself a podcaster, and put in a lot of hard work. Work your plan!!

So, to sum this up, I became less focused on myself and more focused on YOU the reader. I became more intentional about where I spent my time online, thus allowing myself to be there for people. I gave it away, my content is out there for people to read and be able to apply to their ventures and finally, I created a game plan and although not perfect I continue to work that plan so that I can be moving in a forward direction.

What are your thoughts on these tips? What can you begin to work on today? Leave me a comment or a question below!