The Top 5 Freebie Trading Forums Revisited

By Leslie Samuel | Social Media

May 27

Wow guys, since I've posted the last Top 5 List of Freebie Trading Forums, A LOT has changed. This is a very exciting thing for me as a new Forum owner. If you remember from the previous post, I ranked these forums solely based on Alexa Rankings. It's VERY important to note that this is not the only indication as to how successful a freebie trading forum is, but it is a measure of how much traffic the forum is getting.

To give a brief explanation of what Alexa rankings mean, Alexa is a company that is known for its statistics-gathering toolbar. This toolbar is used to collect data from websites all over the internet and stores them on its website providing a web traffic report. If a site has an Alexa Ranking of 1, that means it is the most frequently visited site according to the data that Alexa collects. F.Y.I, the site with an Alexa of 1 is Google, with Yahoo at a close 2nd.

So according to Alexa, here are the current Rankings:

Now here's why it's so exciting for me. As you know, I'm the new owner of Cali Style 101. Since we relaunched this month, traffic has increased significantly. We are working on a bunch of things behind the scenes right now that we believe will eventually take us to number one. Just think, a few weeks ago, we were at number 5. Where will we be by the end of the summer? AND, if you look at the traffic rankings for the last 7 days, you will see that CaliStyle101 is at 71,652.

What is surprising to me is how quickly Net Income Solutions is dropping in rank. With their endorsement by Project Payday, I would've thought they would be increasing in rank faster than everyone else. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, and I won't go into why I think it's going that way.

We have some great things in store for Cali Style 101, so stay tuned.