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Give me 30 days to hold your hand through the process of building your blogging business FOR FREE. If you aren't satisfied, you can feel free to move on. If you love it (and I'm sure you will), you can choose to join the paid program at $47/month. No need to make a financial commitment right now! It'll just be me helping you build your business!

- Leslie Samuel​

NO Credit Card Needed! You will NOT be automatically billed after the trial.

Here's what you get:

The Become a Blogger University

Thirteen video courses, that show you everything you need to know to go from blogging newbie to professional blogger.

Members-only Facebook group

If you ever find yourself stuck trying to figure out what your next move should be, jump into the exclusive Facebook group and get answers.

Live Group Coaching Calls

Twice a month, we will get together on a live group coaching calls where you get direct access to me. I will answer your questions on the call.

Monthly Blogger Workshops

Join our monthly workshops where you will discover tactics for growing your blogging business one step at a time.

Here's what others are saying...

Michael Stelzner CEO and Founder of
Social Media Examiner

There are very few people on the planet that can teach blogging with the passion and depth that Leslie Samuel can. If you want to be successful as a blogger, study under his wisdom.

I have been in the blogging game for 9+ years now and have seen a ton of programs and products. I recommend Leslie's training to all my clients and customers because I've seen first hand what he has put together and it works. Leslie teaches you how to approach blogging with both a passion mindset and a business savvy and that's the combination you need to make it a success.

Farnoosh Brock CEO and Founder of Prolific Living

Gideo Shalwick Co-founder of Veeroll

It’s not often that you meet someone who is good at both the technical stuff, as well as teaching about it. And it’s incredibly rare to find someone who is just EXCELLENT at both these things. And that someone is Leslie Samuel. I’ve watched him grow over several years now, and today his training is truly the best you can find on the topic of blogging.

Here's what members are saying...

Yes, you heard that right. She doesn't want me to tell you about the awesomeness that is the coaching club. But don't worry, I'm letting you know about it, and now you can try it out FOR FREE! See ya inside...

NO Credit Card Needed! You will NOT be automatically billed after the trial.