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To get in touch with me (Leslie), feel free to use the form below. BUT BEFORE YOU DARE, please be aware of the following:

My life is pretty crazy right now. I’m a university professor, husband, and a brand new daddy (YAYYY). In addition to all of that, I run Become A Blogger and Interactive Biology. Between those two sites, I get tens of thousands of visitors each month. As you can imagine, keeping track of email is becoming a larger task.

That being said, the best place to interact with me is right here in the blog comments, or if you’re a premium member, right in the premium members area.

The second best place to interact with me is on Facebook or Twitter

If for some reason, none of these methods work for you, THEN you should consider shooting me an email via this form.

P.s. DO NOT contact me if you are just wanting me to promote a product. I have NEVER promoted a product from a stranger who sent me a cold email and never will. Keep that in mind when shooting me an email.