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7 Tips For Growing Your Audience Using Youtube

October 28

Is your blog one that can benefit from video? If so, are you making videos regularly and posting them on Youtube? If you are, are you getting tons of traffic as a result of your video marketing efforts? In this post, I’m going to give you 7 tips for building your audience using Youtube.

135 The Backlinking Strategy That Caused My Traffic To Skyrocket

October 23

Here’s the fact: I hate the way I hear people deal with the topic of backlinks to your blog. Yes, it can get you tons of traffic and help your search engine rankings. But, is it worth the risk doing it the WRONG way? In this episode, I talk about the backlinking strategy that I have used that Google seems to LOVE!

How To Simplify Google Analytics Using The Become A Blogger Dashboard

October 18

Google Analytics is an interesting beast, and a lot of bloggers don’t even check it because they find it too complicated. Fortunately for you, I’ve created a simple, FREE Google analytics dashboard for you to use that will make your analytics easy to consume and understand. This makes it so that you can see all the relevant/important information on one screen. Go on and check it out. It’s EASIER than you think!