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175 A Different Way To Build A Blogging Business

August 5

In 2014, there are a bunch of ways to build an online business. There are even many ways to build a blogging business. In today’s episode, I talk about a way that is different from what I’ve been doing, but more effective than anything I’ve done to date. It involves 2 elements. Have a listen, and enjoy.

169 Twenty ways to make or increase sales on your blog

June 25

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking a lot about selling from your blog. You know . . . selling . . . that thing that you have to do if you’re running a business. Don’t worry, it’s not a bad word. It’s a good thing – if you do it right, and that’s what I talk about in this episode.

168 How One Simple Strategy Increased Adsense Earnings By 80% – With Bob Lotich

June 18

Who: Bob Lotich Blog: Christian PF Book: Pro-Blogging Secrets Adsense is something I’m VERY interested in. In fact, it’s my MAIN monetization method for my Biology Blog. So, I decided to get my friend Bob Lotich on, because I know that he has been actively involved with Adsense monetization. When I heard that he used . . .