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051 Be Passionate and Will Success into Your Life - With Marcus Sheridan

November 24

In today's podcast episode, Marcus Sheridan, the "Sales Lion," shares with us his inspiring story of his journey from having a blue collar job to owning his pool business, and finally being one the best speakers in his niche. He's been through a lot of trials and obstacles, but in each step, was never discouraged to move on. His passion for his teaching has been an inspiration for him as he willed success.

050 The Golden Episode - Thank You's and Lessons Learned

November 22

Today is a day to be grateful about. It's my 50th podcast episode, my “Golden Episode” here at Learning With Leslie where I'm going to be giving my thank you's and the lessons that I have learned. And, I'm very excited to share some of that stuff with you today. I want to acknowledge the people who have played a big part in helping me learn and improve every step of the way. Thank you, thank you so much!

049 How to Outsource Your Online Business the "Right Way"

November 17

Outsourcers can be a big help in growing your online business. As you get busy, you can't do everything on your own and would need some extra hand to do all the different stuff. Learn where you can find one, how to mange them, and how you can be successful with them. Also, included in the podcast are some tool suggestions that you can use that will be very beneficial for you and your outsourcer working together.