073 How To Build an Online Empire Doing What You Love – with Patricia Davis Brown

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Patricia-Davis-BrownWho: Patricia Davis Brown
Blog: Dig This Design 

Can you take your passion and turn it into a business? I know – it’s a rhetorical question. That’s what this podcast is all about.

In fact, that’s EXACTLY what today’s guest has done. Patricia Davis Brown just LOVES design. So much so, that she started an entire online brand that deals with design, and uses her blog to grow that brand.

Wait, did I say online brand? I meant to say ONLINE EMPIRE. What do I mean? Well – just listen to the interview and you’ll understand completely.

This interview is inspirational. Yes, there are many bloggers out there, but the kind of blogger I like to see is the one that is Passionate about something, and shares that passion with the world.

Patricia doesn’t share that passion with the world in a small way – she goes all out!

Inside the Interview, We talk about:[unordered_list style=”tick”]

  • Why She loves Design
  • Why she decided to go online
  • How she Chooses what to blog about
  • How she gets traffic to her blog
  • The kinds of opportunities that have opened up as a result of her blog
  • How she outsources to be more efficient and get more done
We talk about those points and much more. If you’ve ever thought about blogging about your passion, and doing it successfully, you want to listen to this interview. What am I talking about? Of course you’ve thought about blogging about your passion – that’s the reason you listen to my podcast! Silly me.
Questions, comments, suggestions? You know exactly what to do! Leave a comment below or call the hotline at (888) 835 – 2414.

Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode

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  1. Andrea

    Hi Leslie, thanks for having this interview. And thank you, Patricia, for sharing your story. It is great to see that bloggers can be successful without blogging about blogging or earning money online – just as you said, Leslie. That keeps me motivated.

    1. Leslie Samuel

       @Andrea You Are very much welcome Andrea. Glad to hear that it was motivating for you. I have a few more non-IM related bloggers coming on the show, with some awesome stuff to add, so stay tuned!

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