029 How to Podcast like a Pro and Never spend time Editing

By Leslie Samuel | Podcasts

Aug 09

I love podcasting. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons. So when Paul, from AnxietyGuru.net, called in and asked me about my podcast, I was excited to record a full episode to deal with his question.

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How to Podcast like a Pro and Never spend time Editing

His question was this: How do I do my podcast so that I never have to spend time editing? He runs a podcast of his own and wanted some tips as to how he can do it better, and faster.

Seeing that I'm very much into podcasting, I decided to really get into his question. In this episode, I talk about:

  • Why I got into podcasting in the first place
  • What podcasting has done for me
  • The Equipment I use to make the process easier
  • The one program that you need if you want to podcast effectively, without editing
  • Three tips that will make your podcast Awesome!

Resources for this episode

The stuff I use

Other equipment/software I mentioned

Podcasts I listen to


Video of me playing the piano on National TV

Video of my wife singing on National TV

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