012 Learning With Leslie Mastermind and Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft Part 2

By Leslie Samuel | Interviews

Mar 31

In this episode, I cover the following:

Learning with Leslie Mastermind Group

4hour workweekI give some more details about the Learning With Leslie Mastermind Group. Here are those details:

  • The Mastermind Group will be a group of individuals that are determined to build businesses in an efficient way – One that is not dependent on them to function well and thrive.
  • We will be studying the book – The 4 Hour Workweek, by Tim Ferris, and implementing the concept in our online businesses.
  • We will be reporting on our progress on a weekly basis, and encouraging each other along the way.

Based on a recommendation from my buddy Chris Deals from DayJobKnockout.com, I set up the domain www.LWLMastermind.com, which redirects to a section of this website that will be dedicated to all of the updates that the various mastermind members post.

It will link back to all of their blog posts that talks about their progress through the program.

If you are interested in being a part of the Mastermind Group, check out the Mastermind Page.

Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft Part 2

Cliff-RavenscraftAs Promised, I posted Part 2 of my Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft, a.k.a. The Podcast Answer Man from PodcastAnswerMan.com. In this interview, Cliff goes through the details of How to Start a Podcast.

Whether you are interested in podcasting or not, you will benefit from listening to this interview. Here are the things Cliff talks about:

  • How to start a Podcast with Free Services in a very EASY way
  • How to record a Podcast using your Smartphone
  • The format you NEED to have your podcast in
  • What options he recommends for Hosting your Podcast Website
  • Why it's smart to stay away from regular hosting accounts for hosting your podcast (Why Web Hosting companies are Liars)
  • Using Shownotes for your podcast
  • What you need in order to have a podcast with a quality that's better than most others out there and do better than most
  • Why Most People fail when starting a podcast or online business
  • Why it is important to be clear who your audience is.
  • Much More . . .

As you can see, there's a lot in there, and it's nothing but Value. Cliff also mentions a number of resources to help you with your podcasting and your online business in general. Here are links to those resources:


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