096 A Love Story Like None Other – This WILL Be Mushy

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Today is a very special day in the Samuel’s Family. Yep, My BEAUTIFUL, AWESOME wife is celebrating her birthday.

Another year of life. YAYYY. So, I decided to do something extra special. Some of you are going to LOVE this and some of you are going to HATE this. And that’s ok.

It’s not about blogging, it’s about something way bigger.

Warning: This episode is going to be VERY mushy, and if you aren’t into all that mushy love stuff, this isn’t the episode for you!

In this episode, I share the following:

  • Where my wife and I met
  • How we started doing music together
  • The great disappointment that I faced when she disappeared one weekend
  • How I asked her to be my girlfriend
  • The longest proposal you’ve ever heard of
  • Our new journey that we’re about to embark on

All of that, and a whole bunch of cheese in between. So I hope you enjoy, and if it’s not for you, I will see you again next week ;)

Oh, and here’s a video of her singing a Duet:

And here’s a video of her conducting

  • DominicSicotte

    Awesome Leslie!  I wasn’t in a Mushy mood (!), but I find that is great that you took the time to do that little tribute to the one that supports you every single day!   … oh and btw what an awesome voice she has!!! You’re a lucky man!!! ;-)

    • Leslie Samuel

      @DominicSicotte I am indeed a LUCKY, VERY LUCKY man :)

    • DominicSicotte

      @Leslie Samuel lol!!  and I am sure she can say the same thing but with the “Wo” in front of “man”!!! ;-)   Cheers!

  • vchabal

    Your story is like a fairytale :D great story!
    God bless You both!

    • Leslie Samuel

      @vchabal Thanks a bunch. Glad you enjoyed :)

  • mommyrevenue

    I want to wish your wife a happy birthday…I’m so glad she has a man that really loves and appreciates her.  That’s great that you did this tribute for her….and Wow, can she sing!  Such a beautiful voice.

    • Leslie Samuel

      @mommyrevenue I’m glad she has a man like me too :D
      You think she’s lucky? You should see how lucky I am, and yep – she can sing like nobody’s business.

  • merirace

    Les this is the kind of story america needs today. Busy life very busy people guided always by the clock. This is somehow a fill for the quench  soul for worth in this world. Happy birthday to your lovely wife, God bless you. Hey, show me how t make a cent online…hahhaaha

    • Leslie Samuel

      @merirace Haha, one cent at a time. The cents add up ;)
      Glad you enjoyed the podcast!

    • John

      cents that add up? Now that’s good sense!

    • Leslie Samuel

      Haha, yep – I love that kinda cents too ;)

  • John

    Too cool Leslie!
    You know the coolest thing about this little journey is the fact that you are family bound together in love – not just blood.
    All th best with the newest Samuel!!

    • Leslie Samuel

      Thanks John. You are very correct there, and that love means A TON!

  • beginningmyway

    First, happiest belated birthday wishes to you, Maurgerite! I hope that your birthday was full of smiles, laughter, joy, & happiness! Second, Leslie that is at the very top of the list on the sweetest (& original) ways to propose! This type of story is amazing, and definitely something we all need to hear more often…with the country having so many difficulties and hard times, and so many examples of love failing, it is absolutely AMAZING to hear things like this and to see just how real (& still present) true, unconditional love is today!
    I’m so excited for the two of you expecting your son! I have two sons and they are absolutely, without a doubt the most amazing, awe-inspiring, and eye-opening people in and pieces of my life. Before them, I don’t think I had ever truly experienced unconditional, true, all-encompassing love before. =) You two are in for the best blessing and most amazing journey of your lives!

    • beginningmyway

      Sorry, just noticed I typed Marguerite’s name wrong! =S Apologies… =)

    • Leslie Samuel

      @beginningmyway Not a problem for the mispelling. Happens all the time.
      Glad to hear you enjoyed the story. Yes, we are excited too. Just a few more days to go and we’ll have our little bundle of joy :D

    • beginningmyway

      @Leslie Samuel :D I’m so happy for the two of you! I just know you two are going to be amazing parents! :) He is a very lucky little boy…

    • Leslie Samuel

      @beginningmyway Thanks a bunch. I appreciate it.

  • Sheila Bergquist

    Well, now that I’ve dried my eyes, I can say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your beautiful and talented wife! What a wonderful and touching story. I know that your son is being born into the most loving family and what a lucky boy he will be. And Leslie, you are truly an inspiration to all of us that there are still some great guys out there…what a loving tribute to your wife. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Leslie Samuel

      @Sheila Bergquist She is talented indeed. Glad you enjoyed the story Sheila. I couldn’t help but share it because I feel truly blessed!

  • JoyceF

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing love story. And happy birthday Marguerite. I love your family picture, it is inspirational.

    • Leslie Samuel

      @JoyceF The photographer is AWESOME. He makes us look good ;)
      Glad you were inspired!

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  • Lewis Saka

    Very mushy but glad to see a blogger getting personal and showing some of their family life

    • Leslie Samuel

      Hey, gotta get mushy sometimes right? ;) Glad you enjoyed!

  • Roy

    Great podcast, Leslie. I have to say that you’re a lucky man! You have a beautiful and talented wife. P.S. she is smoking hot too!

    • Leslie Samuel

      I agree with you 100%